Cheap Home Decor – 3 Rooms to Add Creativity and Pizazz

Everyone knows that decorating can become expensive if you have a lot to do. With a little bit of creativity, and an eye out for deals, you can make a splash by decorating with cheap home decor.Visit online for more details. Here are a few ideas you can use around you home to add a little more sparkle and pizazz to what may be a tad dreary or boring. Cheap home decorating ideas are something the whole family can be involved in.

Kids Room Ideas

Children love to change the room and designs as they grow. If you have a little one who has outgrown his baby room and you would like to change it up a little with no real expense, then you can try some of these tips. Use kids wall murals.Go to the dollar store and grab a bucket of the rubber foam craft characters they have for sale. Glue a creature on to a block of wood and dip it in paint. You can then place these little critters all over the walls, on doors, on dresser drawers, or a toy box. Let your children help and they will feel a little pride in having helped you with their room. You can even take this idea one step further and use the home made stencils on white curtains, plain pillowcases, or anything else you think could use a little spunk.

Dining Room Ideas

Looking for a way to spruce up that table for company? Tired of your old worn out place mats? You can create your own place mats, quickly and affordably with lamination sheets. You could create place mats out of old pictures your kids drew to hang on the fridge, you could use flowers, leaves and nature items that can be flattened and then photocopied for laminating. You could make a theme such as Valentines with old keepsake cards from the kids or your spouse. You should be able to go to your local copy shop or business depot and have them help you with the lamination machine.

Bathroom Ideas

While bathrooms an be very similar in style and fixtures, adding accessories can make a total unique look and feel for each one. Depending on your budget, you can still find decorating with cheap home decor ideas to turn your bathroom from drab to fab. You would be surprised at how much difference changing the tiles in your room can be. You can $12 a square tile at Home Depot or you can spend $1 for laminate tiles that look almost the same from a dollar store or liquidators. You could use those home made foam stencils to paint seashells, stars, fish, dolphin, or flowers on your mirror frame, shower tiles,toilet seat cover, your plain light fixtures, or just a border a long the wall.

Decorating with cheap home decor does not have to leave your home looking poor or plain. With a little creativity, you can have your home looking like it should be in a magazine. Imagine the surprise and delight people will experience when they take in your wonderfully decorated home and find out that you did most of your decorating for under $50 a project.

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