Coupons Are Exploding – Learn Why, What’s Next and How You Can Get Into These Great Savings!

It’s no surprise that the recession caused a lot of folks to start looking actively for ways to save money. One of the best choices for saving was coupons – a familiar and easy solution – so many people have begun taking advantage of them. In the last 3 years alone, consumer packaged goods coupon usage grew by 27%! But that’s not the entire explanation for the rebirth of this industry.

Beyond the recession, there is a far more important reason which will mean long-term growth for this industry. You see, with the advent of the digital age several traditional marketing channels, especially the yellow pages and newspapers, have lost nearly their entire market share so advertising in these media is not returning the results advertisers must have to stay in business.

With consumers hardly looking at the newspaper or the yellow pages sellers are frantically searching for new ways to find and attract customers. Today, when everything is changing daily – or hourly, it’s great to see a perennial favorite in the marketing world, suddenly become the “new” solution for so many companies. What a surprise for so many observers that coupons have made a dramatic resurgence in the market for companies local to international. And they’re just getting started!

Coupons are simply the smartest choice:


  • They’ve been part of commerce for over 125 years
  • They’re well-known – nothing new here to confuse folks or make it tough for people to adopt to the “new” marketing channel
  • They are so inexpensive compared to the newspaper or yellow pages that sellers can pass really great savings on to their consumers


What’s ahead is even more exciting. NCH Marketing Services, Inc., reported that “shoppers saved $4.6 billion with coupons in 2011 – $500 million more than the previous year.”

While the coupon industry growth has been great in the last few years, coupons are going through an amazing transition. Now you can…


  • print your coupons on your home printer
  • use online coupons on your internet purchases
  • get virtual coupons sent automatically to your smart phone
  • invest your coupon savings into your kids’ college fund
  • get cash in your bank account when you use a certain coupon codes
  • get savings that aren’t any longer pennies on a purchase – now the range of coupons and the savings (how about 65% off travel expenses?) have really expanded


These stats will show you a lot about what’s ahead.


  • Online coupons increased by 100% from 2008 to 2010 but they were redeemed at a rate that was 360% larger than the previous years!
  • eMarketer says “nearly half of U.S. adults who use the internet, 88.2 million people, will have redeemed online coupons or discount codes by the end of 2011.”
  • By December, 2013, eMarketer says “96.8 million American adults will have used coupons, up 15.8% from 2010.”


While these numbers are impressive. Nielsenwire, a global leader in measurement and information, reports that “83% of the units purchased with manufacturer coupons in 2009 were done so by just 22% of households.” So it’s clear that this niche has a great deal more growth ahead!

Who’s using coupons? Nielsenwire says, “with the value offered by coupons, one might think that the lowest income households would be among the heaviest users. In fact, more affluent households dominate coupon usage: 38% of “super heavy” users and 41% of “enthusiasts” come from households with incomes greater than $70,000. Households with income of $100,000 and up were the primary drivers of coupon growth in 2009.”

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