Hotel Habou – Valley of the Dead, Egypt

Having spent the initial not many days of our Egypt endeavor in Cairo , the time had come to branch out to different pieces of the country. Next on the plan was a the entire night train ride from Giza to Luxor where I would visit the Valley of the Dead, site of the burial place of Lord Tut, as well as numerous different leaders of the old realm.

The appearance in Luxor was met with an unfilled stomach and the dawn! Following a flavorful breakfast in the Colder time of year Castle, we discovered that there was no lodging for us for the next night. similar to the case in third world countries,our lodging reservations were dropped without notice. I don’t think we at any point had any,due to development defers the lodging we planned to remain in had not yet been finished . The reservations had been made with the understanding that the inn would be open. Visit for more details Fex Head Mattress

It was concluded that the main thing to do was to leave our gear in the hall of the Colder time of year Castle! With much reservation and expecting that my assets could at no point ever be found in the future, that is the very thing that I did.

We were guaranteed that rooms would be found as far as we’re concerned by dusk, so after a good breakfast in the extensive, yet sterile tested cafĂ©, off we went to see the sights of Luxor and Karnak.

Subsequent to going through the day visiting Karnak and meandering the roads and not seeing my resources available to be purchased in one of the neighborhood stores, I was charmingly astounded while getting back to the inn, my gear was all the while lying in the inn hall, immaculate.

A companion John and I were met at the entryway by an individual voyager who educated us that the director regarding the Colder time of year Royal residence possessed a ten room house across the Nile in the Valley of the Dead, on the off chance that we needed we could remain the night there! Goodness! Dreams of precious stone light fixtures and stewards in white gloves dashed through my head, what an arrangement!

The evenings iterniary incorporated a light and sound show at Karnak, As the night came to a nearby the experience was going to start, getting back to the Colder time of year Castle, a bellman accompanied us to the waterway’s edge where a little boat anticipated to ship us across the Nile, where our room, ceiling fixtures and head servants looked for us! The ship, something straight out of the “African Sovereign”, was very packed with standing room as it were! Some way or another I started to get the inclination that this could turn out as I had imagined!

Arriving on the opposite side , it was just a short ride in a super sub minimized vehicle to our lodging. As we pulled up before the lodging, every one of my dreams of ceiling fixtures and stewards disappeared!

This spot seemed to be a dense variant of the Alamo!

Every one of the rooms were taken, we as a whole needed to separate, it would be young men with young men and young ladies with young ladies. I, being the odd man out,was decided to impart a space to a youthful English chap!

Time was slipping away, time to raise a ruckus around town! One more shock looked for me , the entryway opened there was my bed, a twin estimated cot,with an enormous feline lying on a sleeping cushion that can best be portray as “profoundly lacking”. The feline promptly made a shriek and a direct route for the entryway while the chief attached the screens on the window with a rope. That will keep that annoying feline out, also chronic executioners and cheats!

Putting my camera sack and stuff under the bed and close to the wall, I put the lash around my arm, realizing that I was protected from cheats and raiding felines, I got comfortable for an evening of undisturbed rest.

Sunup brought a shock, I had endure the night! Time for a shower, shave and breakfast on the sun light porch!

Plumbing in Egypt is fairly unrefined, entering the local area restroom , I saw the line that provided the latrine with water was excessively short, water ran all around the floor rather than into the sink, not our standard custom in the states, we are sooo ruined!

We are returning to Cairo tonight, I figure I will hold on to shower and shave until tomorrow.

After a lovely breakfast on the porch, I understood we were across the road from the Habou Sanctuary , what a shock! It was more obscure than a dark feline in a coal canister the previous evening and nobody saw it!

A day of visiting the Valley of the Lords and Valley of the Sovereigns was anticipating as we enthusiastically boarded our bus,then it had returned to the Inn Habou where the remainder of the gathering would go along with us for supper, subsequent to partaking in a pleasant feast it was a short ride across the stream to the train station , our train was standing by to ship us back to Cairo.

It had been truly an encounter, very surprising, at whatever point I consider Egypt, the Lodging Habou generally rings a bell , alongside the glow and neighborliness shown by the Egyptian public.

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