Pet Horoscopes

Most people have a natural predisposition toward caring and showing affection for docile animals. So, even a supposedly human concern or preoccupation as observing and following one’s horoscope is now widely applied to one’s pets. Considering that people treat their pets as part of their family, it is not at all unusual for devoted pet owners to try and have a handle of their pets’  “personalities.”

Individual pet owners certainly could use some kind of basis or guide for better understanding and explaining their pets’ distinctive characteristics, idiosyncrasies and changing behavior-from serene and contemplative to chatty and outgoing, and so forth. They would like to be able to anticipate their pets’ moods and thus better look after their health. The idea is that if astrology-the signs and relative positions of stars and planets-is so widely consulted by humans and believed to affect the ebbs and flows of day-to-day living, then it must also influence the behavioral patterns and biorhythm, as it were, of other living things, especially animals.

It has become common knowledge that keeping and caring for a pet is therapeutic-that is, good for your health. In addition to the entertainment it gives you, no matter your age, it therefore contributes much to your overall well-being to have a pet-whether feathery, furry, scaly or what not. However, that also means it should not cause you aggravation and worry, which is all the more reason why you will be better off knowing your pet’s horoscope.

Like us humans, pets of a kind have different horoscopes corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac. For instance, dogs of the same horoscope breed but with different zodiac signs will have much different behaviors on the same day. Begin to better understand your pet by knowing its date of birth. That will be the window for you to get a feel for the animal’s fortune for the current and succeeding days and weeks. Once you know its date of birth, you can then easily track its horoscope, thanks to the availability of online pet horoscope sites or services, which are growing in number nowadays.

Horoscopes are different for specific kinds of animals. For example, the horoscope for cats is different from that for dogs or birds. Although you won’t have to contend with matters of career or romance, you would probably still want to get an in-depth reading of your pet’s horoscope in particular, for the day or week, or of what may be troubling it at any given time. To help you with that, pet astrologers are now becoming more and more accessible for you to consult, and many have websites that are increasingly gaining popularity. A good pet astrologer is skilled at tuning into your pet and getting a good grasp of what is behind your pet’s current temperament. He or she may also be able to explain in advance the animal’s sentiments in the days to follow.

The periodicity of planet and star movements is a known fact and it serves as the basis for astrology. Thus, horoscopes are widely accepted and it is no surprise that horoscopes for pets are becoming more and more widely accepted since most people treat pets like family. In addition, related to this is work that is reportedly ongoing in scientific circles, that tends to explain our bond with our pets.

These advances are particularly in quantum and subatomic physics, concerning the interconnectedness of nature in something called morphogenic field. All subatomic particles that make us up are claimed to remain interconnected even when separated across great distances and can survive even organic death.

This may substantiate the belief of many cultures that a given animal can be a rematerialization of a soul that has transitioned through organic death. Thus, science and belief could eventually agree that your pet might be a former loved one sometime in the distant past. At any rate, understanding and bonding with your pet better through a pet horoscope will enhance both yours and your pet’s well-being.

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