Rug Pads For Thin and Low Profile Rugs

I often hear the question, “what type of rug pad works best for thin rugs?”, I wanted to write a little about this topic. By thin rugs, we mean ones that are made with a thinner, or flatter pile. These are often described as low profile rugs as well. Navajo, kilim, antique persian, sisal and jute rugs and others are all considered thin or low profile.

Initially, many people think of a thick pad to put under a low profile rug. This is a normal thought yet we need to be careful not to place a padding under the carpet. Visit 0nline for more details, One aspect of thinner carpets is that their low profile has a nice look on the floor. In most cases, if we alter this look too much by raising the rug with too thick of a pad, the intended look of the rug is defeated.

Thin carpets need the right carpet pad for a few reasons. First, since thin rugs tend to crawl around more than heavier rugs, the pad needs to grab the rug and keep it flat and still. Second, thin rugs look good close to the floor and a thinner pad will maintain this look, not raising the rug too much off the floor. Next, thin carpets need the right padding to grab the floor to keep the rug and pad from moving. A rug pad will also protect the back of thin rugs and prolong their life. Lastly, a little comfort is nice. Thin rugs will feel better to walk on with a little padding underneath.

One of the best rug pads for thin rugs is what is a jute and rubber combination. This rug pad is no more than 1/4 of an inch thick so it adds a little comfort without lifting the rug off the floor. This padding contains a recycled jute surface and a natural, solid layer of rubber backing. The surface is manufactured in such a way that it is textured to grab and hold the rug in place. The bottom rubber layer safely holds to the floor, hence eliminating a wrinkled rug and any chance of accidents from slipping. This rug pad is very dense, not spongy, and this is what prolongs the life of any thin or antique rug. The density resists pressure from walking on the rug. Instead of the back of your rug wearing down against the hard floor, the rug pad takes this pressure.

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